Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Let's Do this

We have our first tournament coming on next week on July 14...since our memorial weekend tournament. We played really well doing that event and I'm anxious for the Ballers-Purple squad to play again...because we've added 2 new players: Josh Tueta, and Scotty Kenny and those 2 guys are really going to help us. I still need some other guys from the Purple squad to step up and really focus on the task coming up.

The Baller-Grey squad has some really good pieces and some pieces that don't give a damn and that really bugs me...big time, but its my job and Galos to get them ready. I'm thinking it might be some sad faces on the Grey squad because we are going to only play kids that are ready to play...because its not fair to the kids that are ready to play...if we play the ones that aren't ready. The Grey squad is so close to being really good..especially with adding a couple new pieces...CJ Nwuzi and Jalil Eappenger...both kids can play...but there isn't a lot of time to get them up to speed...I hope they can pick up things quickly

I'm so excited about the 3 upcoming tournaments that we have. Both teams have a chance to make a big splash at all 3.

We had practice lastnight (July 6) and one of my favorite former players David Choitti came by and worked out with the team and he was help guys...it was great. David is married and playing overseas...I'm very proud of him...I watched him grow up...so its cool to see him turn into an adult and the love he has for the Ballers still is great.


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