Friday, July 24, 2009

Day 2 & 3 The Main Event

Day 2
The main event
Ballers-Grey had an exhibition game at 11:10 because the team from Illinois wasn't able to make the event. The Grey squad played well...with a 33pt victory. The Grey squad had their 3rd pool play game at 9pm last night....they played hard...but came away with a 8pt lost. The Grey squad finished 2nd in the Pool and will start the playoffs tomorrow(Saturday) in the Gold bracket...which will consist of all the other 2nd place teams from the other pools.

Ballers-Purple only had 1 game yesterday and they played well. The purple squad finished with a 29pt win and some amazing plays. TJ had 2 pretty spectacular dunks off of lob plays. The first lob play he reverse dunked the ball and never looked at the was pretty sweet.

Day 3
Ballers-Grey has today off and will not start the playoffs until 10:10am tomorrow.

Ballers-Purple had their last pool play game at 8am this morning(cuss word) that was early. The purple squad started off slow and that translated into a tied game at halftime. The 2nd half was a different the defense picked up and the purple squad was able to pull away to a 17pt victory. The purple squad will start the playoffs tonight against a team from St. Louis. I haven't seen that team play...I plan on scouting them before tonight's game..because they play their last pool play game at 3:30. Gotta Go

Take Care
Big Nellie

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  1. Way to go Purple .. Kick a..e Grey. Have fun in the finals all.

    "Down Under".