Monday, July 27, 2009

Day 5 Main Event and Day 1 of Best of Summer

Day 5 of the Main Event was very exciting...we started off with a 9:05AM game against a team from Colorado. They had some very good guards but the Ballers-purple guards were a lot better. TJ, Spencer, Scotty and Oso (James Osorio) were too much for them and big Josh was a beast in the middle with rebounding and timely inside scoring. Robbie Vaughan took an elbow to the head and wasn't able to continue playing in the game. The purple squad won the game and that put them into the finals.

The championship game pitted the Ballers against Nike Team Florida...the game was back and forth early...until TJ got hurt with a knee injury...the ballers was only able to cut the lead to within 2pts after being down 8. It was the Ballers first lost after having Scotty and Josh join the team. They had won 11 straight games prior to the championship lost on sunday. The lost hurt a lot...but I was so proud of how hard we played and to have a ton of people watching us was great. The crowd was truly pulling for the Ballers. There were several people who came up to me and said we would have won had TJ hadn't gotten hurt. It was great making the finals...but I wanted to win so bad for my boys...because they played and worked so hard to get to the finals. We got a second place trophy...which is kinda cool I guess. Making it to the finals came at a price...we didn't have any airline tickets myself and 7 players were suck in Las Vegas until monday morning.

Day 1 Best of Summer
We got suck in Las Vegas and had to fly out monday morning to San Jose and then turn right around and fly out to Long Beach for the Best of Summer tournament...which started today.

The Ballers Grey and Purple both played at the same time I wasn't able to help coach them.. They weren't able to come out with a victory...they had a couple of chances to cut the lead..but not for a lack of effort.

The Ballers - Purple squad won...but it wasn't anything to write home about playing ugly...but getting a win. It wasn't a good game for the group. I'm chalking it up to just finishing up another tournament and traveling all day and being suck in Vegas until today. I'm tired

Big Nellie
Go Ballers

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  1. Congrats all you guys! What an oustanding achievement. Only know 2 of you but proud of you all!
    "Down Under".