Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day 1 Cream of the Crop Shootout

The Bay Area Ballers started their july play at the Cream of the Crop shootout in Long home town. I'm so happy that we have finally gotten back to playing basketball and to kick things off in Long extra special for me.

Ballers-Grey started things off for us and it was clear that we hadn't had a game in awhile as we struggled both on offense and defense. We were able to get some good looks...but we didn't have many shots fall for us. Even with the slow start we were able to come away with a 3pt win.

Ballers-Purple had their 1st game at 4:40pm yesterday and they got off to a good start on the defensive end..but struggled slightly on the offensive end. The defense held the other team to 39pts which turned into a 26pt win. Tyler Atwater, Matt & Robbie were very good defensively off the bench..Atwater had several steals by making some very smart reads on lazy passes against a very good team.

Ballers-Grey game 2..was a different story...the shots were falling like rain..Zayn, Sean,Jalil and CJ shot the ball much better. Zayn, Sean & Jalil each made at lease 2 3pters and CJ was a monster on the boards. We also got a lot of help from Ryan Rocha...a veteran Baller. We were able to come away with a 6pt win.

Ballers-Purple game 2...was crazy...we got great play from Tyler, Scotty, Demitruis and Robbie. We had a 16pt lead at one point in the 1st half but lost it and went into halftime with a 1pt lead. Scotty got it rolling with his jumper after struggling a little in the 1st half with 3 quick 3pters in the 2nd half..which helped us push our lead back up to 12pts. Spencer hit4...3pters throughout the game to help us. We got a little tired down the stretch and made some bad plays and lost the lead. We were down 5 late in the game when James...hit a huge 3pter to cut the lead to 2...we cause a turnover to get the ball back with 12 seconds left. We ran a play and got Josh the ball and he was foul and he stepped to the line and knocked down 2 huge free throws sending the game into overtime. Overtime was crazy..we blew a couple of opportunities to take control and then found ourselves down 4 with 30 seconds left to play. We scored and then cause a turnover and got the ball back with 4 seconds left to play and we needed to go the length of the floor to score to either tie or win the game. Tyler was able to get open for a long pass but missed the lay up, Demitruis was right there to have his back and finished the send the game into double overtime. Double OT...more craziness...again we blow opportunities to take control of the game and found ourselves down 4 again late in the game. We scored and cause another turnover. We didn't have any timeouts and we are all the plan was to go for either win or lose. James gets the ball and droves but was fouled..we took the ball out with 12 seconds left in the game. Tyler droves to the basket and then was able to kick it out to Scotty who launches a 3pter with a defender in his face and hits nothing but the bottom of the win the game. We rush the court was an awesome game.

That was day 1 and we are getting ready for Day 2.

Go Ballers!!

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