Sunday, October 12, 2014

Bay Area Ballers Top 10s

Bay Area Ballers Top 10s

    All time players                                            Best 3pt Shooters

1. Senque Carey                                              1. John Parsons

2. Patrick Dennehy                                          2. Corey Blick

3. Tyler Johnson                                              3. Scotty Kenny

4. David Choitti                                               4. Gokul Nastem

5. Omar Samhan                                              5. Senque Carey

6. Ali Thomas                                                   6. Chaz Thomas

7. Chase Lyman                                                7. John Casnocha

8. Lloyd Cook                                                    8. Ryan Rocha

9. Joe Skiffer                                                      9. Spencer Britscghi

10. Kyle Bailey                                                  10. Jordan Couch

Most Athletic                                                      Top PGs

1. Lloyd Cook                                                  1. Senque Carey

2. Tyler Johnson                                               2. LyRyan Russell

3. Phil Jackman                                                3. Joe Skiffer

4. David Choitti                                                4. Kyle Bailey

5. Michael Blackmon..aka Bubba                    5. Tyler Johnson

6. Kerry Wooldridge                                        6. Chaz Thomas

7. Jeff Parrish                                                    7. Hakeen Gillard

8. Anthony Oliver                                             8. Justin  Logan

9. Justin Legrand Logan                                    9. Terrence Worthy

10. LasJohn Johnson                                         10. Stephen Grosey

Most Versatile                                                    Best Defenders

1. Phil Jackman                                                1. Phil Jackman

2. Reggie Cooks                                               2. Joe Skiffer

3. Patrick Galos                                                 3. Brandon Gilbert

4. Demitruis Owen                                            4. Reggie Cooks

5. James Osorio                                                 5. James Osorio

6. Chris Busch                                                   6. Tyler Johnson

7. Mike Nash                                                     7. David Choitti

8. Chase Lyman                                                 8. Patrick Ekeruo

9. Jemel Gillard                                                  9. Patrick Galos

10. Llyod Cook                                                  10. Kyle Bailey

Best Rebounder                                               Best Score

1. Patrick Dennehy                                         1. Senque Carey

2. Omar Samhan                                             2. Tyler Johnson

3. Michael Blackmon..aka Bubba                   3. Ali Thomas

4. Reggie Cooks                                              4. Gokul Nastem

5. David Choitti                                                5. Kyle Bailey

6. Kevin Neveu                                                6. Hakeem Gillard

7. Lloyd Cook                                                  7. Chase Lyman

8. Josh Tueta                                                     8. Scott Kenny

9. Phil Jackman                                                 9. David Choitti

10. Demitruis Owen                                          10. Patrick Dennehy

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Still I Raise

Hello Everyone,
I've been gone for awhile, but now I'm back.  As much as I want to blog more, I've never been able to be better at staying on top of it and blogging more.  I'm not going to make the same kind of declaration that I'm going to be better this time and blog more, because I have no idea if I will be able to.  I here now and I'm just going to leave at that.

Well 2014 hasn't started off well and it has been kicking my ass from the beginning.  I lost my close and dear friend Creighton Lane to stomach cancer in February.  Creighton was an amazing person and I learned a lot from him over the years.  We had some great times traveling all over the country with the Ballers.  The kids we coached with the Ballers overall were great kids and we had minimal issues with kids while traveling.  I constantly think of the fun times we had and the hilarous stuff that went on with the kids.  I have so many funny stories from our times.  The outfits Creighton would wear when we were in Las Vegas were legendary and besides coaching I spent most of my time trying to keep up with him with the outfits and I not ashamed to stay that I didn't come close to keeping up with him…lol
I held my own with the shoes, but the outfits I didn't stand a chance.  Between the shorts, shirts and the hats he would wear, he was styling for head to toe.  The way Creighton would coach was a great site to see.  He was demanding but he was fair and he would make the kids he coached better and they would play so hard for him.  He's been missed by me and countless other people so much.  I changed the name of my memorial weekend tournament.  Its now the Patrick Dennehy/Creighton Lane memorial Rumble in the Bay basketball tournament.

Then in April I lost coach Ron Massey, my high school basketball coach.  I called him pop's because he was more like my dad than anythiing else.  I considered him my dad, so when he passed I lost my dad.  He's passing was so unexpected.  He was out with some of his friends and they had dinner and they watched the NCAA championship game.  He came home and put on his LB Jordan t-shirt went to sleep and didn't wake up.  When I got the news it rocked me to my core.  I still haven't recovered and I'm not sure when or if I will.  There are so many things Pops taught me.  He is the reason why I'm alive and that I made it through high school and he was a huge part of my motivation when I went to college.  I finished because I wanted to make sure he was proud of me.  I lived for his approval on so many things.  He taught how to be a man and to take responsiblity for my actions.  Good or bad he told me to face things head on.  I'm so glad that he was able to meet my kids because they are super important to me and he was a huge part of my life.  I struggle with his passing daily and this year when I had my memorial weekend tournament it broke my heart that he wasn't there.  I've been in a fogg since his passing and I'm trying to recover.  I miss him so much.  My goal is offer a scholarship in his name for the fall of 2015

Lets talk about this year's team.  We have struggled and we have the potential to be good, but its hard to be good when you don't come to practice.  We have yet had a practice with everyone there.  It makes running plays during a game very difficult.  It makes making the kids better difficult also.  I've had the Ballers for 20 years and this is the 1st time I've had a group like this that doesn't have a high level of comment.  Its my job to turn this group around and get them going in the right direction.  We have  some talent and the kids need to believe in themselves more and I'm hoping I can get them there.

We have our July tournaments coming up and we need to be ready.  I've put so much sweat, blood, tears and money into the Ballers and we will get things going in the right direction.

I will have a young Ballers team next year, because my youngest Dallas has been bitten by the hoop bug and he's now playing.  He just turned 8 on friday and he's nearly 5 feet tall and he's entering into the 2nd grade.  He plays been playing against 5th graders and he's even played against 7th graders during my memorial weekend tournament.  Thats what I love about him is that he will play against anyone.  He's not scared and unfazed that he's only 8.  He's the future of the Ballers and I'm already looking at high school he will attend.  I'm hoping he keeps developing and he gets good enough so that he can play at Mater Dei for high school.  I have kicked up his basketball training with 5mins a day ball handling and shooting.  Its all about having correct form.  I'm trying to build a good foundation for him.

We I've written a bunch and I'm hoping that 2014 gets better, because he has started off so shitty.  There have been some pleasant surprises and some things that I'm truly grateful and blessed to have.  I'm going to focus on those good things and hope that with time the 2 amazing people I've lost I'm able to recover.  Please and love and thanks for reading my blog.  Hopefully you didn't fall asleep.  :-)

Go Ballers