Saturday, July 13, 2013

July tournaments

What up people.  I hope you all are doing well.  I know I know, I said I would blog more and I haven't, but let's look at it this way its only been 6 months between

The Ballers and I are at the Sweet 16 tournament.  I brought both the Ballers 16s and Ballers 17s.  So far it has been an up and down experience.  The 16s have won 1 game and lost 2.  Jonah Underwood got his 1st dunk in the game they won today so that was cool.

One of the biggest problem of the 16s is that they don't play hard enough all the time nor do they play with confidence our passion.  They are a work in progress and they are getting there even if its

The 17s have lost all 3 games so far and we honestly should have won all three games.  We were a better team, but we just didn't play that way.  I hoping that they get a win tournament that will give us momentum going into our next tournament.  Its a been a very frustrating weekend, because I want so badly for us to play better and to have more success.  Only wish that the guys understood how badly I want this for them.  Its late and I'm so tired.  I will blog again once I get to the Bay.  Thank you all who follow my blog and I will try hard to blog more constantly.  I should right now especially, its Ramadan and its not like I'm eating all the  May Allah grant you many blessings and may you have the visions to notice those blessing.  I'm out..peace & love

Go Ballers