Saturday, August 1, 2009

Day 4 Best of Summer

Day 4
The last day of the tournament and we are all tired...but we have 1 more game...the championship game of the Gold Division. We arrive at LMU at 11am for our 11:30am and the boys seem ready. I'm a mess already crying...because its the last time I will get a chance to coach this group as the Bay Area Ballers. All the kids on the purple squad will be moving on to college either in the fall or after their senior year...coming up. Some how I manage to pull myself together long enough to coach :) We start off slow...but like always our defense which has been great all summer kicks in and we start rolling. Every single player contributed to our 16pt win over NW Houston. The purple squad was on a mission all summer and I'm so proud to say that they completed that mission by how hard they played all summer long. July 14 is we started our summer tournament and we played 20 basketball games during that time and our record was 18-2...not bad at all...I was very impressed. I would like to say Thank you to: Tyler Johnson, Spencer Britsghchi, James Osorio, Suhail Mohammadi, Tyler Atwater, Josh Tueta, Scotty Kenny, Matt Johnson, Robbie Vaughan, Alex Stephenson, and Demitruis Owens for given me the opportunity to coach you has been my pleasure and I feel bless to have had that opportunity...I love and will miss coaching you all...please remember that I'm always here if you need me for anything.

My Ballers-Grey squad thank you for working hard you all improved throughout the summer: Tim Wang, Ryan Tana, Jordan Rubin, JR Olson, John Pellarin, Jason Riland, Zayn Kirkendoll, CJ, Sean Dawkins, Jalil Eppenger, Nick Reddy and Sam Kelley...for all the returning players...lets have a great run again next year.

Take Care

Big Nellie

Go Ballers!