Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day 3 Best of Summer

Day 3
Had both teams playing two games.

Ballers-Grey had a moring game at 11:30 and they played really well. Which turned into a 20pt win. The boys really moved the ball around well. The second game wasn't as good as the first game. They didn't play as well...which in turn resulted in a loss for them and the end of the tournament for Ballers-Grey...My grey team had a very good summer and we have a lot of really good players returning for next spring.

Ballers-Purple didn't play until 5:45pm and that meant win or go home. The purple squad started the game off giving their opponent an early 7-0 lead. They got it going behind TJ, Josh & D and a very tough defense. They won the game by 18pts. The second game of the night was at 8:15pm and the purple squad hasn't always played their best when they have multiple games during a day and with a short amount of time between games. The purple squad played Mass River...from Massachusetts and they were big....but that didn't matter because Scotty came ready to play...he hit 7- 3pters and finished the game with 28pts...Big Tueta was huge in the middle as he scored from the inside and rebounded like crazy as well as blocking shots. Scotty & Josh's play helped the team fight through being tired and sparked a 24pt win...which put the Ballers-Purple in the semi-finals tonight at 8:15. The winner of tonight's game plays for the Gold division championship tomorrow morning at 11:30. I'm hoping to have some good news for everyone later tonight.

Go Ballers!!!!

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  1. Just heard your overall record is 18/2? That's awesome! Gold in Gold div ain't bad either. You guys are all nuts.
    Love youse all, "Down Under"