Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Day 2 Best of Summer

Day 2 at the Best Summer was a little tough on both teams.

Ballers-Grey played hard in the 2 games they had yesterday going 1-1 on the day. That put them in 3rd place in their pool and will now be in the bronze division for the playoffs. If, they continue to play hard they will have a great chance to go deep into the playoff.

Ballers-Purple played hard as well in their 2 games yesterday but finished 1-1 on the day. Which dropped them to second place in the pool. They will enter the playoffs in the Silver division...the purple squad is more than able to make a deep run...if they get back to playing Baller basketball...which wasn't the case in last night's lost. The purple team is pretty hard to beat when they play Baller basketball...but like any team...sometimes there are days when those things don't happen. You live and you is a new day for both teams...and the boys will be ready. Gotta Run

Go Ballers!
Big Nellie

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