Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day 2 Cream of the Crop

Day 2 of the Cream of the Crop wasn't as exciting as the 1st day for both squads.

Ballers-Purple had an 8:30AM game after a double overtime game that didn't get over with until close to by the time everyone got food and showered its was about midnight once the players got to sleep. The players had to be up and ready to go by 7:45AM. We didn't leave until 8AM which put me in a real shitty mood...because we were suppose to leave 15 minutes earlier. When we got to the gym 15 minutes late we had to rush to get warm and be ready for the game. We won...but we didn't come close to playing as well as we did the night before. Ballers-Purple second we so damn ugly. We only played as a team about 12 minutes of the 32 minute game. We managed to pull in out in the end with a 1pt win..but the team had a good look to win it from about 12 feet...we got the rebound and game was over.

Ballers-Purple went 4-0 over the 2 days..but we need to be more consistent with our efforts and need to remember to play together at all times.

Ballers-Grey...1st game we struggle that game to sub stain any real rhythm. I had to leave at half get the purple squad to their second game because it was at a different location. Galos told me that the second game was much better and that the kids played hard and played well...but just couldn't get any shots to fall...which resulted in a 6pt lost.

Ballers-Grey finished the 2 day event 2-2 which is pretty good because they weren't at full strength...because of the players didn't make that trip

The Cream of the Crop event should have us ready to do well in Vegas.

Go Ballers

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