Friday, July 10, 2009

July 14

I'm so excited about the upcoming tournament on July 14th. We had practice last night(Thursday) and it went well. We will have 3 more practices before we play and I need to put in a few more plays and then we should be ready. I'm hoping that I've made it cleared to all the players what their role is and how important everyone is to the team.

Here is our schedule:

Bay Area Ballers - Grey
1:10pm vs MOC Stars at Lynwood High School, 5:50pm vs 1 Dream, CA at Cabrillo High School

Bay Area Ballers - Purple
4:40pm vs 1 Dream Int'l at Lynwood High School, 8:10pm vs LA Rockfish at Cabrillo High School

We don't have Wednesday's schedule yet...the tournament director is always slow with getting the full schedule out. I wouldn't be surprise...if we didn't get it until Tuesday night.

I'm hoping we get some good fan support while we're in Long Beach...because its my home town and my people better come out and support us.


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