Sunday, July 10, 2011

Don't call it a come back

It has been a little over 18 monts since I lasted posted anything and what I did post took a lot out of me. Well like the title says "Don't call it a come back"...I'm just back "People". I'm writing you from the land down under..that's right Australia. I'm heading home in the AM, but the trip was a huge success. I was here doing camps in the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane area. The Brisbane camp didn't happen so I will have to come back and hook up with them on the next trip.
I ran camps on three separate days at M'Dore in the Sunshine Coast and can I just say I had a blast. Anytime I can be in the gym coaching I'm a happy person..well at lease most of the I met and worked with some pretty good young Aussie talent and I'm going to have a couple of them playing with the Bay Area Ballers this July. Shall I remind you how we gave people the business the last time I had Aussies on my team. If, you've forgotten check the Blog 2009 summer. That group was bad ass for real. Handing out beat downs left and right. Ok, back to the camp.. I was lucky to work with my friend Jodi Page's daughter Soraya who has a chance to be Maya Moore type good. I'm hoping to get her over for high school this year and that way I can work with a her ton. I also met Eric Morgan who is a 6'6 15yr old Soph. who has a chance to be a beast. As long as Soraya and Eric put the work in..there shouldn't be anyone or anything stopping them from acheiving big things in the States playing hoops.
The trip it self has been amazing..I have rediscovered why I love coaching so much. This trip has really recharged me..I get a little down at times with the everyday struggles with running the Ballers and this trip has showed me how worth it is and that I'm good at what I do. Well its kinda late here..but not really..its only 8:30pm sunday but I'm still on Cali and its 3:30am sunday AM according to my I will try not to have so much time between post.
Big Nellie

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