Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day 2 Cream of the Crop

Day 2 and the final day of the Cream of the Crop went well for both teams.

Ballers 16s
Went 1 - 1 on Friday.  They lost the 8:50am game and then came back and won the 11:10 game by 19pts after being down by 12pts at half time.  Brian Kaestner was a beast on the boards all weekend.  Creighton and I may get in trouble for child labor laws the way we had Brian working.  Nick Wang was good all 4 games as well. Connor "Beige" Smith saw his first real action in a long while and he did well.  Connor struggled with his wind at times but when he push through the fatigue he was fine.

Ballers 17
Went 1 - 1 on Friday as well after going 2 - 0 on Thursday.  They lost the 8:50am by 5pts because they didn't play hard or together for much of that game.  They had a chance to cut the lead to 3 or 2 pts but missed shots and turn over hurt them in the morning game.  The 12:20 game was a different story..the boys were awake and they got it rolling.  Seth Turner who filled in the starting line up for Momir who badly bruised his heel in the very 1st game of the event.  Seth played well on both ends of the floor.  Ashonti and Jared were very solid on defense and offense.  Both hit 3 3pters apiece,  Stephen was very goo the 4 games as well and the biggest news about Stephen Grosey is that he can actually talk..for awhile we weren't sure about that.  Buddy got it rolling in the 4th game with some jumpers a few post moves and a nice dunk.  Gokul was up and down during the 4 games but he a some really good moments.  Victor learned a lot and I'm sure he will be even more ready when we are in Las Vegas.  I'm super proud of James..he is playing a new position and in a new role and he has embraced it and he played great.  Well I need to get out of here.  Take care and I will write more soon.

Go Ballers
Big Nellie

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