Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 1 Cream of the Crop 2011

Bay Area Ballers 16s:
 had a pretty good 1st day at the Cream of Crop.  They won their 1st at the buzzer by Brian who made a putback lay-up as time expired.  The 2nd game was a lost to a very good team..but the boys played really hard.

Bay Area Ballers 17s:
Won their 1st game by 5pts in overtime as well.  The boys played really well against a Las Vegas team that has 1 of the best post players in the country.  We did a very good job shutting him down, which resulted in a win.  Game 2 resulted in a win against Team superstars.  We won that game by 2pts..but we left big leads in both games get away from us. Stephen Grosey played well in both games.  Ashonti Hunter has become a very good defensive player.  Seth has played hard and has made some big baskets for the Ballers during each game.  Momir Gataric hurt his ankle during the 1st game and we had to play the 2nd game without him and we did really well.  We have to play 8:50 in the morning and I'm falling asleep while writing this so I'm going crash.

Peace & Love
Big Nellie

P.S.I need to add a few things about my 1st trip to Australia.  I stayed with the Tueta family and they are all amazing.  I love you all

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